Postcode Implementation in Mauritius


Many Mauritians might have received a letter from Mauritius Post which resembles like this:

Postcode MPCB Front

Postcode Notification Letter – Front

As you can see, this letter indicates that postcode is being implemented across our country. The postcode is a 5 digit number used in the addressing system. It is said to help the Post Services improve and speed up the processing and delivery of our mails. On the other side of the letter we get our five digit code.



If you take a look at the postcode, it is divided in three parts:Postal Code Model

  1. The first digit (A) is the District Code
  2. The Second and Third Digit combination (BC) is the Village Council Area Code
  3. The last two digits (DE) refer to the Locality of the village

I guess that it will be quite easy to remember our numbers. From now on we must make sure to ask the number of our addressee before sending him a letter. (Even though we do not use it much these days unless we wish to send a postcard in the traditional style).

The Format of Our address will be as follows:

Mr First & Last Name
Street Number, Street Name
Sub Locality
Village/Town Name XXXXX

Where “XXXXX” is the 5-digit postcode.

Those who shop online can now enter their postcode in their shipping address instead of 12345 or 742CU001.

We can now use the postcode (sometimes labelled as zip code) given by Mauritius Post in our EBay, PayPal or Amazon shipping address.


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  • Muzzammil

    pnkr gagner kt mw 😛
    kn gagner m pu servi li

    ofE m bizin calculate sa par m mm or zt pu send mw post code la?:s

    • Pramod

      They will send you the code by post… :-)

      • Muzzammil

        Okay but Will it be recognised by online systems yet? or i will get invalid digit?:P

      • Pramod

        I have changed my shipping address in my online accounts. It seems to be accepted by their systems.

  • Yashvin Awootar

    I do not know how correct I am, but this Mauritian Post Code is not the same thing as the ZIP Code asked when you shop online. To be confirmed once it is fully implemented and accepted.

    • Pramod

      Let’s see… They do seem to be accepted when I used my postal code when I edited my shipping address. :/

      • Muzzammil

        how about amazon?

      • Pramod

        Yes, it was accepted in Amazon, EBay and Paypal! :-)
        I have updated all my shipping addresses in the end! 😉

      • Muzzammil

        What is the difference between sub locality and town /village?

      • Pramod

        What I understand by this is the specific region that we stay in within the town or village. For example Triolet is divided in different regions. Sollitude, 7eme Mile, 8eme Mile, Trois boutiques, 9eme Mile, Terminus… So I guess the town or village name is Triolet and The sub locality is Trois Boutiques or Sollitude, 9eme Mile, Terminus.

  • Mike

    Unfortunately this can be a cadeau empoisonné. Have you tried to change your official address to include the postcode? I did and gave up with the usual MRU utilities. However, my overseas administrations immediately updated my address in their data servers. Read

    • Pramod

      I did not really think about this. :/ Thanks for your comment.
      I do need to have my address updated in the different Utilities and banking services.
      I am thinking by what should I start actually :)



    • Pramod

      Well, I guess it is only for Mauritius internally, but it still works with online systems like EBay, Paypal or Amazon. At least I do have a number to enter in that Zip Code field :p

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