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One reason why Linux was not so popular was because of the unavailability of Linux Games. Most games are playable only on Windows platforms and only some of them are on MAC OS Platforms. However these days I have noticed a lot of interesting games that are emerging for Linux and that also for free as well as open source

I have tried some games on Linux even the graphics are not so great as what we get on a Playstations or Windows Platforms, still I found them nice to spend some time with.

SuperTux 2

SuperTux 2 is a classic 2D jump’n run sidescroller game in a style similar to the original Super Mario games covered under the¬†GPL.

SuperTux 2 Adventure Map SuperTux 2 - Game

It’s a nice little game which does not consume too many resources. I like playing it from time to time.

Steel Storm: Episode 1

This is another free arcade action game which is a bit like Truxton giving you a top view of a spacecraft and you have got to travel through the maps, destroying targets along the way.

SteelStorm: Episode 1Here the direction of the spacecraft is controlled by the mouse just like an FPS game.

You can download the game from here.

There are also 3D action games like Wolfenstein Enemy¬†Territory which is free for Linux as well as Doom 3 which is commercial. There are also free open-source MMORPG’s like Planeshift (but personnaly when I tried Planeshift, I was not really impressed…)

More Games

I have identified two sites which has got a huge list of Linux games (open-source, free and commercial):

This site contains a list of Linux Games from different categories.

Ubuntu Gamer does not only give you a list of games but also alternatives of installing Windows games using Wine and other alternative ways of playing games in Ubuntu.

You can check out these sites for the Linux games. I will keep this post updated in case I fond more sites which can give lists of other new Linux games.

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  • prithvi luchoomun

    Y shud we always put username n password b4 instaling smthg on it????

    • Pramod

      This is what makes Linux secure. If it would be open, then anyone can install anything remotely on your machine. That's why u do not need any antivirus on Linux.

  • Luvnish

    I'd recommend Teeworld.
    It's been implemented on Windows machines after its widespread success on Linux. It is played exclusively online against real players, with map modes like 'death match', 'capture the flag' and 'team vs team'. Oh.. and there is leaning curve to be able to enjoy it properly. Confusing at first, but amazing once you get used to hooking to walls around you – spiderman style.
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