The Different stages of Understanding

Our lifetime consists of different stages: childhood, teenage, adulthood and elderly.

As a child we learn from our environment, from our elders,we do not know anything, we cry to get small things. Our parent tries to understand our signs and our needs and tries to fulfill them, even if they do not know our baby language, but still they make an effort to figure out what we want.

When we grow a bit, we become a teenager, we are able to reason, at that point we are still under the process of learning and discovering ourselves. Our parents take their time by understanding our teenage ways so that they can help us understand life and at that time we also learn to understand them. It is the understanding between a parent and his young teenage child.

We grow up, complete our studies and get a job, most of us get married, we have learn new ways of life. At that moment our parents have grown old. They are not as strong they were earlier. At that moment, we cannot expect them to try or make any effort to understand us and adapt to our life. It is entirely up to us, as strong, responsible and able adults to understand them, just like they did all their best to understand our annoying cries, shouts and actions when we were a small baby. It is the time when we ensure that the last moments of their life passes well, without any stress or taunts that they are not able to keep up with our new lifestyles.

It is all a culture that is driven down to our own kins so that they also understand us when we will be old and prefer to live our old fashion ways rather than their new sophisticated lifestyles.

As a new born, we are understood by our parents, as a teenager we learn to understand while being understood by our parents, as an adult, we take the responsibility of understanding our elders without really having the need for them to understand us, just like they did for us when we just came to this world.

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