Live like a king!

You might all have heard about the expression: “To live like a King!”

Yesterday, I asked my friends what do they understand by this expression.
Below are a few answers I got:

“to live with no stress and afford a level of luxuries of quality life”
“Ene personne ki pa gagne traca e pa vey zafer les autre” (Someone who has got no worries and is not concerned about other people)
“Living for your own, gain control of your own life, doing things that make yourself happy? More selfishly concerned I guess…”

I also got an answer different from the ones above:

“N01 actually lives like a king/queen, every0ne begs f0r m0re!”

Which does make sense. :p

One of my friends also told me to live like them. “Bindass” which means living carefree. :-)

Coming back to this expression now I ask myself who is a king really?

Smiling Theodan

Theoden: King of Rohan (Lord of the Rings)

Even the chap above was a King. However he was controlled by someone else.


His decisions were not his. His kingdom, his people were all suffering.

But when he was freed he became:

A warrior fighting for his people, defending his kingdom and fighting for justice.

A warrior fighting for his people, defending his kingdom and fighting for justice.

Another example of a king can be:

The Lion King

The Lion King

Both Scar and Mufasa were Kings.

"THE LION KING"Mufasa©Disney Enterprises, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

Mufasa, The Lion King

Mufasa was a king loved and respected by most of the animals in the kingdom, while scar was a king who ruled only through fear.

Scar and his followers

Scar and his followers

No one even liked Scar. He had very few followers who only supported him for their own personal gains. Scar himself used his power for his personal gains. Thus will his followers.

These are all kings. But they are all different. Let’s first ask: Who are kings? We say about living like a King, but what is the purpose of a King? Why is one a King in the first place? Why is one given that power? Is it only to enjoy all the luxuries and resources he get to fulfill his own desires? A king in the first place is someone who is given a responsibility, the responsibility of a country or state and the people under his kingdom. He has to guide his country and people towards prosperity. He is given all that power and resources particularly for this purpose. The facilities that he gets is to ensure that he is able to focus more on his main responsibilities and help him in managing and fulfilling his responsibilities. A King is not given a chariot so that he only spends his time to stroll around or just enjoy hunting. It is used for the purpose of his travels and used in wars to defend his country which is all meant for the welfare of a civilization.

A king is not given a palace with high security to live in just to spend his time sleeping, eating and drinking. That place protects the king so that he is able to plan the different strategies with all safety and ensure the protection of his country.

We can all live like kings. But it all depends what kind of king we really wish to be. A king who is only hated or feared by everyone, or one who is loved and respected by everyone. Every man is a king for his family. What is important is how he really rules over his little family kingdom. It is never only about giving orders. A real king also comes down in the battlefield to fight along with his fellow citizens in order to defend them.

A king is the one who inspires his citizens to live and prosper. A king who learns to live a simple life himself will be able to inspire his citizens to follow his path. But if a King himself is engrossed in living a materialistic luxurious life without really caring for his citizens, in the end the citizens will only fight among themselves so that they get an easy luxurious life like the king even at the cost of harming others for their own benefits.

There is a Hindi expression which says:

जैसा राजा वैसी प्रजा

Which means that the citizens always follow the example of their king.

Gandhi was a great leader himself. He shed his own clothes so that he is not considered different from his followers who were so poor that they were not able to afford proper clothes to cover themselves. He even started his own business of setting up his own spinning wheel and did not just delegate this task to anyone.

For me, to live like a King is not about living a luxurious life with all the material comforts and not even caring about others. It is about living with dignity, to be loved and respected for their actions towards others and be happy and content with whatever they have. A real king does not live for himself but dedicates his life helping others thus making his living really worthwhile. So was Bhishma, the son of Ganga.

Anyone can be a real king, a king of hearts. Residing in the hearts of their family and close ones. Similarly every woman can be a Queen. Her way of life actually decides what kind of Queen she is. :)

You can also look at the different principles of a ruler which is applicable for a King and any other ruler as well.

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