A taste of Nature – Poudre d’Or River

Yesterday I had gone to perform prayers near a river at Poudre d’Or. My mother calls that Pont Mallet, if this is the way we write it.

It is after quite a long time, maybe even more that 10 years, I have visited a river in Mauritius.

The moment I reached there itself, the atmosphere was so calm and soothing. Due the rains in the past days we could see a lot water flowing down the river.

Frankly that experience was so beautiful. The surrounding was so calm, the only sound we could hear was the sound of nature, the sound of the flowing water.

I simply love this kind of atmosphere, to be so close to nature. The water was so cold, so nice to the touch. Simply wonderful.

Day by day these kind of atmospheres are fading away. Earlier there were many such kind of places where we could hang out and relax. Today very less remain, and in the less places that remain, you will either find people have thrown rubbish, or some beer cans left over by some other people who have previously visited the place. Sometimes even while trying to make something better we build some structures next to it, and eventually the nature loses it’s identity.

We have come to such a day that we cannot even go to these deserted places all alone with the fear of getting beaten and robbed. :(

I just hope at least some natural structures be preserved.

Below is a small video I have compiled, my small trial to share the experience, my first ever compilation and first ever You Tube upload:

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