Today, everyone wants to achieve perfection, which means without any flaws. We look for perfection in a relationship. We look for perfection in our own creation, in whatever we have, where we stay, where we work, our lives or even with the ones we are living with.

I sometimes ask myself, what it is all about? What is perfection which everyone looks for and no one seems to find it ? We are always trying to improve one thing or the other in order to make it perfect. Have we ever asked ourselves what really needs to be improved in the first place? Whenever we are not satisfied with something, we always talk about changing it, thinking that we are improving it, we are doing it for the better. Is it always that whatever we are not satisfied with needs to be changed?

Let’s think about a tree in our yard which bears a lot of fruit and every year we get nice fruits to eat.

The only inconvenience is that there are a lot of leaves and also ripe fruits that fall down or sometimes there are birds and other animals which eat the fruits and just throw down the remains which make a real mess. What can be the solution here?

  1. Will chopping down the tree make the yard perfect? We are going to lose all the fruits.
  2. Is killing all the animals and the birds to prevent them from eating the fruits the solution? If we do this, there will be more fruits on the tree which you won’t be able to eat all by yourself and in the end there will be more ripe fruits on the ground causing greater mess.

The only way here is to make ourselves adapt to the situation without trying to change anything in nature. We clean our yard more often and put away the leaves and bits of fruits in a corner. Thus the tree is there, we continue to get our fruit and we are also feeding the other living beings. In a way the activity of cleaning the yard is a kind of physical exercise which seems boring, but if done with some patience and maybe creativity and imagination it will be done in no time. Another way is sharing, so that we have less fruit falling on the ground. Why not share with our neighbors?

Similarly, sometimes when we are not really satisfied with something, maybe we should just accept it as it is without trying to change it. Maybe the change is in our mindset seeing the bright side of things thus making it perfect. Many people are different in this world, nobody is perfect. However every one is perfect in his or her own way, so we also need to learn to accept the differences. That’s part of life. Only then we can find life becoming perfect.

[important]Perfection is not found anywhere outside, it is all within us. [/important]

Nature within itself is perfect, we never need to change it, whatever needs to be changed is in our way of thinking, behaving and our actions. Only then our world can become a perfect place to live in.

It is not money that is going to make this world perfect. No such material thing is needed to make this world a better place to live. It all depends on our thoughts, speech and actions.

[notice]The only thing that is perfect is nature all by itself, without any interference from others. We human beings are supposed to maintain that perfection, not to destroy it[/notice]

One thought on “Perfection

  1. I sort of believe in perfection. Well, not the examples you gave. But concerning, if you're doing something, either do it well or don't do it at all.


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