The Fun Theory

A few days ago I came across a video on Facebook where a group of people were trying ways to encourage the use of stairs rather than using escalators.

I would like to share the Video with you.

This video shows how something which seem to be tedious or boring turned out to be fun.

Here the group put piano notes on the stairs so that when they walk on them it becomes musical! People walking on it were really interested with it and more used the stairs playing on the steps.

There are other ideas for example how to make people throw litter in the dustbin and not just anywhere, to stay within speed limits and few others.

I really appreciated the dedication of the people who have used their creativity for something good.

This video was uploaded though If you wish to see more creative ideas how to make people do somethings using the fun way you can have a look at the site.

What’s really nice here is that people don’t do things just because they are afraid of paying fine or afraid of getting obese nothing. It was simply that it’s the fun part which attracted them to do good.

So can’t we apply the same principle to ourselves and and in our daily lives to do things not out of fear but simply out of kindness, for fun?

These are one of those things we really need to learn from others. Not only the negative aspects.

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