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Valentine’s Day Durex Style

If you are a Mauritian and you travel through Port Louis everyday, you might have come across this ad:

SMS Alert System for parents of Absent Students

A pilot project is being launched in 20 colleges of our island whereby SMS will be sent to parents of those students who have been marked as Absent 1 hour after the start of classes. However if the student reaches school a few minutes after the Absent SMS notification has been sent, a second SMS is sent to the parent notifying them of their arrival. Continue reading

The Fruits of Life

Inspiration of one’s life from the tree. Sharing life and sweetness to the world, just like the tree shares it’s fruits and gives shelter to others. Continue reading

Chaar Pahar ki Pooja

The 4 Pahar Prayers of 2012 held at Kalyannaath Mandir Goodlands along with some pics of Shiva Linga… Continue reading

My Perception of Religion – Part 5 (Heaven, Hell and Salvation)

Many Religious Cultures mention of the concept of heaven, hell as well as Salvation. Its meaning can bring a lot of change in the way a human being lives. Continue reading

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