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Maha Shivraatree – A Discipline on Pilgrimage

This year I have been to Grand Bassin and returned on foot to Goodlands. Maha Shivraatree is one of my favourite festivals. I have seen a lot of things during my past journeys which I would like to share. This article focuses on some disciplines to be adopted during the journey on foot, to and from Grand Bassin. Continue reading

Postcode Implementation in Mauritius

Postcodes are currently being implemented in Mauritius to improve processing and delivery of the Mauritius Postal services. Continue reading

A taste of Nature – Poudre d’Or River

Yesterday I had gone to perform prayers near a river at Poudre d’Or. My mother calls that Pont Mallet, if this is the way we write it.

My First Digital Camera – Unboxing

Previously, I had shared my experience of acquiring my new digital camera at the post office. It is now time to open the package and have a look at what’s inside, and the different accessories that come with it. So let’s get started. 

Contravention Quota to be introduced to Traffic Police

The government is now imposing the Contravention Quota System to the Mauritian Traffic Police. What can be the impact of such a system? Continue reading

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