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What I would like to see as a Reform to our current Electoral System

There is another thing that is being discussed right now in politics other than the issues currently on headlines. Lately I have been thinking about Electoral reforms that the politicians have been talking since a few months. An electoral reform consists of changes brought in an existing election system in … Continue reading

Postcode Implementation in Mauritius

Postcodes are currently being implemented in Mauritius to improve processing and delivery of the Mauritius Postal services. Continue reading

Anger – How do you take it?

Have you ever thought whether you could try to manage your anger in such a way that it does something good instead of hurting anyone? Continue reading

Increase in the price of Transport? Why?

As all of us know, the price of Mauritian transport will be increased by 20% as from Monday 13 December 2010. The first question we ask, why the government had to increase the price of transport? I was listening to the radio earlier today and the Minister of Transport Mr. Anil Baichoo his reason for the increase. Continue reading

SMS Alert System for parents of Absent Students

A pilot project is being launched in 20 colleges of our island whereby SMS will be sent to parents of those students who have been marked as Absent 1 hour after the start of classes. However if the student reaches school a few minutes after the Absent SMS notification has been sent, a second SMS is sent to the parent notifying them of their arrival. Continue reading

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